WANG Yipei,XUE Yu,YANG Gairen,et al.Effects of Road Construction and Logging on Soil Erosion in Eucalyptus Plantation[J].,2019,26(06):1-6.





Effects of Road Construction and Logging on Soil Erosion in Eucalyptus Plantation
王一佩12 薛雨1 杨钙仁12 苏晓琳1 武鹏帅1 温志良1 邓羽松12
1. 广西大学 林学院, 南宁 530004;
2. 广西大学 生态工程研究所, 南宁 530004
WANG Yipei12 XUE Yu1 YANG Gairen12 SU Xiaolin1 WU Pengshuai1 WEN Zhiliang1 DENG Yusong12
1. Forestry College, Guangxi University, Nanning 530004, China;
2. Eco-engineering Institute, Guangxi University, Nanning 530004, China
soil erosionslope collapseerosion gullysediment concentrationEucalyptus plantation
为研究林道修建和采伐与集材作业对桉树人工林土壤侵蚀的影响,对采伐后1年的桉树人工林集水区内林道崩塌、路基沟蚀、河道泥沙淤积量等进行了测量,并监测了采伐前后各1年间河水泥沙含量和输沙量变化。结果表明:桉树人工林林道密度为15.1 km/km2,集材过程形成的滑木道密度为11.2 km/km2。采伐后1年,有73%的林道产生路基侵蚀沟,集水区河水泥沙年均含量为0.57 kg/m3,比采伐前高185%;土壤侵蚀模数为1 613 t/km2,是采伐前的15倍,有61.9%的侵蚀泥沙输出至集水区外,99.5%土壤侵蚀发生在雨季。采伐后的桉树人工林土壤侵蚀主要策源地为林道侵蚀沟、林道边坡,分别占侵蚀总量的28.3%,20.5%,林道修建因素直接贡献率在48%以上。构建良好的林道排水沟和边坡稳固系统,可减少桉树人工林采伐后第1年48%以上的土壤侵蚀。
In order to better understand the effects of forest road construction and logging on soil erosion in Eucalyptus plantation, annual (after timber harvesting) erosion amount of road collapse and ditch, river sediment deposition were measured, the river sediment content and discharge during one year before and after harvesting were observed. The results showed that the road density was 15.1 km/km2, skid trail density was 11.2 km/km2; there were about 73% of forest roads generating ditches in the first year after harvesting; the annual mean sediment concentration of the river was 0.57 kg/m3 in the first year after harvesting, it was 185% higher than that of before harvesting; the annual erosion modulus in the first was 1 613 t/km2, which is 15 times of before harvesting, and there was about 99.5% of sediment yielding in the rainy season; about 61.9% of sediment output from the catchment was transferred out of the catchment. The major sources of erosion were road ditch and road slopes, the percentages of soil erosion were 28.3% and 20.5%, respectively, more than 48% of erosion was caused by road construction. A good gutter and slope solid system will reduce more than 48% of sediment yields of the first year after harvesting in Eucalyptus plantation.


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