FU Su-hua,ZHANG Wei-guo,LIU Bao-yuan,et al.Beijing Mountain Area Soil Erosion Model[J].,2001,8(04):114-120.





Beijing Mountain Area Soil Erosion Model
符素华1 张卫国1 刘宝元1 朱启疆1 吴敬东2 段淑怀3 李永贵3
1. 北京师范大学资源与环境科学系 北京100875;
2. 北京市水利科学研究所 北京100044;
3. 北京市水土保持工作总站 北京100073
FU Su-hua1 ZHANG Wei-guo1 LIU Bao-yuan1 ZHU Qi-jiang1 WU Jing-dong2 DUAN Shu-huai3 LI Yong-gui3
1. Resources and Environment Department of Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875, China;
2. Beijing Institute of Water Science, Beijing 100044, China;
3. The General Station of Soil and Water Conservation of Beijing, Beijing 100073, China
Beijing mountain areassmall watershedsoil erosionmodelGIS
The Beijing mountain area soil erosion model was developed on the basis of the new technology and new research considered soil erosion on steep slope. The BESEM is a computer program which uses distributed parameters and is event oriented. The model was developed to predict erosion from support practices and to accommodate spatial variability in topographies, soil properties, and land use conditions within small watersheds. The model contains three primary components: hillslope, channel and impounds such as check dam. Each component calculates rainfall excess by a Green Ampt Min Larson infiltration equation or SCS curve number method,according to the data of continuous record of rainfall; peak flow rate by simplified regression equation; soil erosion by CSLE; and deposition soil as a function of sediment detachment, sediment transport capacity, and existing sediment load in the flow. The test results show that the model can precisely assess the runoff, peak flow rate and sediment yield. The model can also predict the distribution of runoff and soil loss. So the model can be used to evaluate the effect of variation of land use and support practice on runoff, peak flow rates and soil loss. The model can also be served as the soil and loss evaluation, management and the design of the support practice.


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作者简介:符素华,(1973- ),博士后,从事土壤侵蚀模型研究.
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