CHEN Ya-lin,CHANG Xue-li,CUI Bu-li.Analysis of Impacts of Land-use Change on Runoff in Typical River Basin in Shandong Peninsula[J].,2007,14(01):104-107.





Analysis of Impacts of Land-use Change on Runoff in Typical River Basin in Shandong Peninsula
陈雅琳12 常学礼3 崔步礼4
鲁东大学地理与资源管理学院, 山东烟台 264025
CHEN Ya-lin12 CHANG Xue-li3 CUI Bu-li4
College of geography and resource management, Ludong University, Yantai 264025, China
land-use changerunoffeffect evaluateDagujia River basin
The authors determined the boundary of Dagujia river basin based on 3S technology (DEM was made based on the relief map with the scale of 1∶250000), analyzed the land-use change during 1986~1992 and 1992~2000 and built the regression equation of runoff and rainfall in the two periods. The results showed that, among 1986 to 1992, the orchard area and residential area had increased 14286.99 hm2 and 5363.63 hm2 respectively. The rural area and urban area had increased 100% and 138.10% respectively. 10754.5 hm2 were converted from cropland to orchard, which was 75.27% of the increasing of orchard. Residential area was mainly converted from orchard and cropland, among which 842.40 hm2 was converted from orchard and 4 093.14 hm2 was converted from cropland, which were 15.71% and 76.31% of the increasing of residential area respectively. Meanwhile, the cropland and woodland had reduced 14 108.46 hm2 and 9 383.13 hm2 respectively, which were mainly convert to orchard, woodland and cropland, among which the irrigated cropland area had reduced 23% comparing with 1986.Among 1992~2000, the amplitude contraction of orchard increased significantly, and the amplitude contraction of residential area reduced. But the amplitude contraction of woodland increased significantly, reducing 25.54%. The relationship between runoff and rainfall in the two periods were linear regression and logarithm regression respectively. The impacts of land-use change and rainfall on runoff during 1986~1992 period were homonymous. The runoff increased during 1992~2000 period because of the reduction of water requirement caused by land-use change.


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作者简介:陈雅琳(1981- ),女,山东省莱阳市人,硕士研究生,研究方向:景观生态学。
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